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Fears and insecurities are unconsciously created by you. If you do not create them, they do not exist.


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    Nandanar, also known as Tirunalaippovar (Thirunaallaippovaar) and Tiru Nalai Povar Nayanar, was a Nayanar saint, who is venerated in the Hindu sect of Shaivism. He is the only Dalit saint …
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  • Sadhguru Quote

    If your heart is full with love, there is no such thing as service, as it is a great privilege to do whatever is needed for all that you behold …
  • Sadhguru Quote

    Youth are natural seekers of truth. Time to empower them with the needed clarity, commitment, and courage to find their truth.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    The moment you function in the world without being concerned about what is happening to life around you, you are a Criminal.
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