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If you constantly see how to stretch your physical, mental, emotional, and perceptional limitations, your life is one big adventure.


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  • What Is Collective Karma?

    Apart from individual karma, there is also ‘collective’ karma, or karmic memory. Karma is the memory of life. So, whatever actions are being done around you, will have an impact …
  • Awareness of Mortality Naturally Kindles Spirituality

    The reason why the yogis always chose the mountains is because there the body is reminded of its mortality. If the physical body is aware that it is not permanent …
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    Education and spiritual process should not be in the hands of prejudiced minds. Prejudice means not seeing life the way it is.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    My dream is to consecrate the whole world. No human being should live in uncared for and energetically poor spaces; that includes your inner spaces.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    If you are too serious about everything, you will only know thoughts and emotions. You will not know life.
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