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Your life and how you experience it is entirely your making. Only if this absolutely sinks in, will you make the necessary changes.

If you resist change, you resist life.

Every thought, every reverberation you create on the level of the mind changes the chemistry in your body.

Throw yourself into things you can change and accept the things you cannot change, or you will end up upset and not do what you can.

Our idea of human importance has to change. We are just another life form on the planet.

Only if you clean your energy system of karmic imprint, can you change your destiny. This is why yogic kriyas are important.

The more security you seek, the more disturbed you will be about every change that happens in your life.  

You cannot change the past. You can only experience the present moment. The future must be crafted the way you want.

It does not matter how others label you. If you wish, you can change the structure of your mind.

People care for their own little pleasure more than for everyone’s wellbeing. That is what we have to change in the world.  

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