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Devotion is the sweetest emotion you can nurture within yourself.

Devotion is a dimension that will allow you to sail across even if you do not know the way.

Love needs response – otherwise, it will not last long. Devotion does not need anyone’s help – you are simply on by yourself.

Devotion demolishes karma and leads to liberation.

What most people consider as devotion is just deception. They are trying to make a convenient deal with God.  

When devotion arises,life becomes profound.

If you give yourself absolutely to what you are doing, you are a natural devotee.

Devotion is when your involvement with life is so absolute that you yourself do not matter anymore.

Intellect wants to conquer the truth. Devotion just embraces the truth.

Only when you are absolutely devoted to what you do, can you produce something significant in the world.

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