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Leadership means inclusiveness and reaching out, not dominance and power.

Leadership is not an assertion of yourself but the art of fulfilling everyone’s aspirations.

Essentially, leadership is the art and science of making things happen.

It is the ability to bring out the best in others that makes you a leader.

Sensible leadership is like motherhood. It is a judgement you make according to the needs of those you lead.

Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible.

Leadership should not be an aspiration. It should be a consequence of competence.

When you have an important responsibility, you must have an inner strength that will not be changed or threatened by external situations.

Vision is not an aggression of your desires. Vision means seeing a solution for existing situations.

As a leader, you build trust when you give yourself 100%, so that people understand with your every action, you stand for them.

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