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There is no greater fulfillment than to touch and transform lives.

There is security in repetitive life patterns, but there are no possibilities, no growth.

Whatever you need will just happen if you keep your energies exuberant and focused.

It does not matter what the stars say. Once you have come here as human being, you are supposed to be the Master of your life.

Whatever your goal in life, unless you develop a great urgency, what could be near will be far away.

Giving up is not an option because it is a brief life.

We cannot fix yesterday, but we can create tomorrow.  

Risk is in the eyes of the beholder. For the one who does it, it could be calibrated action.

With age, your physical agility may go down; your aliveness need not go down.

Whatever work needs to be done, whatever opportunity comes your way, whatever you have to share – this is the time, not tomorrow.

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