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The earth is the basis of life. Spending some time touching soil, plants, or trees will harmonize your system.

No matter how much wealth, education, and money we have, our children cannot live well unless we restore the soil and water. Conscious Planet, the only way forward.

Agriculture can only thrive on rich soil – there is simply no other way. Regeneration of Soil is Invigoration of Life.

Soil being alive is the most important thing because the strength of the soil determines the strength of every life.

If we have any love for our children, we have to leave our soil and water in a better condition than they are now.

Health of the Soil and our health are directly related. Many physical and mental health issues are a consequence of lack of micronutrients in the Soil. Save Soil.

Irrespective of our nationality, race, religion, caste, or gender – we all come from the same soil, and we go back to the same soil.

Soil is the source of life. Your connectedness with it is vital for a Strong Life.

We must impart to every human being that soil, water, and air are not resources to be used and thrown away. These are life-making ingredients.

We are behaving as if we are the last generation on this planet. If we value life and the lives of future generations, we have to take care of our Soil and Water.

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