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Time is not money. Time is life.

Life is a dance of time and energy. Keeping the two in good rhythm is the beauty of life.

Time is a relative experience. For one who is focused and joyful, it's a very brief life.

Bound by time, you are in haste. Rooted in the eternal, you are governed by grace.

Time is slipping away for all of us at the same pace. You cannot manage time, but you can manage your energy

Birth and death are just passages, not of life but of time.

What does an unlimited amount of wealth mean to a man who has a limited amount of time.

Life is just a slice of time. If one values life, one has to do everything at the right time.

Time and physicality are directly related. Time exists in your experience only because of your physicality.

However dear something may be to you, including your own body and life, you must know how to let it go gracefully when the time comes.

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