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Yoga is about attaining to absolute Balance, piercing Clarity, and an inexhaustible Exuberance. With this, you are immensely fit for life.

Yoga is about plugging into an uninterrupted source of power.

Only what you perceive, you know - the rest is all imagination. Yoga is the science of enhancing perception.

Your brain activity, your body chemistry, even your genetic makeup can be changed by practicing yoga.

Yoga means union. To be in a state of yoga means to be complete within yourself.

Yoga means to become flexible – not just physically but in every way. That means wherever you are, you are fine.  

What we refer to as Yoga is a technology to make your energies function by choice, not by compulsion or fixed patterns.

If you sink into the past, it will rule your present and determine your future. Going beyond this trap is Yoga.

Yoga works miraculously. The only thing is, you have to do it.

When you experience the whole existence as part of you – that is Yoga.

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