15 Dec to 15 Jan – How to make use of the planetary positions in this month of Margazhi

15 Dec to 15 Jan – How to make use of the planetary positions in this month of Margazhi


Transcript: We are at a time of the year which is considered significant for those who are on the spiritual path. The terminal month of margazhi starts from 16th. What is the significance of this month? It is at this time of the year that the planet earth is closest to the sun. So this should have been the hottest month. But, this is a time when the planet is shy of the sun and the northern face faces away from the sun. In the southern hemisphere, this is the hottest part of the year. In the northern hemisphere, this is the coolest part of the year because the northern hemisphere, or the northern face, of the planet is facing away from the sun. But it is closest. So in terms of temperature, because of the closeness to the sun, the angle at which the sun's rays hit the planet is very diffused. But in terms of sun's gravity functioning on the planet, right now it is at the highest. So the maximum pull of the sun's gravity is functioning upon the planet at this time. So this margazhi month is a time to bring balance to the system. It is like if something is flying all over, if you just pull it, it gets centralized. So that is the effect that the margazhi month has on the human system, it pulls you from the base. So it brings balance and stability. Recognizing this, that one needs to bring balance and stability, this is a time when there are practices in the yogic system which has transmitted itself into culture in many different ways. This is a time when men will do what generally women are supposed to do and women will do what men are supposed to do. In the sense, in Tamil Nadu, there's a culture that this is a time when men will go on nagaras and kirtan. That means men will practice devotion, they will sing. Singing and devotion is largely considered feminine, so men will practice this. Woman will practice making geometrical figures. Geometry and masculinity are very directly connected. If a woman sees something, let's not say woman. If feminine sees something, it will always pay maximum significance to the colour and form of that. If the masculine sees something, it always sees the geometry first and then the colour and the form. So it is in this month women practice geometry.


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