3:40am – Brahma muhuratam – something phenomenal happens at this time

3:40am – Brahma muhuratam – something phenomenal happens at this time


Transcript: In the way the planet is spinning and what is happening, something very fundamental changes somewhere between 3:20AM to 3:40AM. This is called Brahma Muhurtam. This is relevant only upto 33 degrees latitude. Your system, human system functions in a certain way. It is a possibility. So, there has been an awareness about making use of this possibility. Your life is a product of many things that we call as the universe, many things that we call as existence. So, we are a consequence of a certain phenomenal happening that we call as cosmos. We are not an individual existence. So, when you get in sync certain things will happen. You know there is a cicadia in where we are, in Tennessee, the US ashram. They wake up once in 17 years. Can you beat it? They know it is 17 years and the come awake and they breed and they go back to sleep. They are keeping time once in 17 years. No alarm bell anywhere. Well, how is this? I'm saying they are in sync with nature. We have lost sync with nature and we think that is our nature. No. All the many ailments, many problems that human beings are suffering is simply because we have lost that awareness as to how to be in sync with the many forces which are making us who we are. So yoga is to bring that sync, so that you are in rhythm with life. If you become in rhythm with life you will also wake up somewhere just after 3AM. If you are conscious suddenly a certain spark of aliveness will happen within you. Even if you are in deep sleep you will come awake. This must happen to you. This means you are falling in sync with it. You are falling in sync with life.


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