Transcript: So when we utter the word karma, it is not one simple formula. Or it's not, you know people are saying theory of karma. We are not talking about any theory. We are referring to a certain reality. Karma means memory. Action and memory. Past action exists only in the form of memory, isn't it so? Yes? Memory, not just what you carry here. Every cell in the body carries its own memory. Why one atom behaves differently from another atom, though the same ingredients is, it has a memory. A hydrogen atom has one kind of memory, oxygen atom has another kind of memory. Unless you mix them up, they will continue to behave like that. It is in a small circle. You are in a little larger circle. The universe is in a much larger circle. But the same memory rules all of it. So when we say karma, we are not talking about some concept or philosophy. We are referring to a certain reality which is finding manisfestation as who you are. The very shape of your body is because of memory. If a bird eats a mango, it becomes a bird. If a worm eats a mango, it becomes a worm. If you eat a mango, you become a human being. Same mango, how many things it's doing, depending upon what kind of memory it carries. Isn't it? What you call as a seed. In the same soil if you plant an apple seed and a mango seed, this will only produce apples, this will only produce mangoes because seed is a certain amount of memory, isn't it? Whether it is a seed of a plant or your father's seed which enters your mother's womb, it is just memory, and memory, and memory, isn't it so? This is karma. And this goes right back. Right upto the elemental level, everything is memory. Only the pure element is free from memory. So the idea. When we start, we starting off Bhutesha because that's the most important thing that he mastered the element. That's why we bow down to him. Because he mastered the elements. He has an eye which has no memory. A taintless eye which sees everything just the way it is. So yoga essentially means developing an eye which is not contaminated by memory. Which simply sees. It does not see things the way your memory perverts it. It simply sees everything the way it is. This eye will see those things which do not stop light. Right now these two eyes can only sees what stops light. If you start seeing something that does not stop light, that means another dimension of the eye is beginning to function.


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