Transcript: So Sadhguru, I love tattoos. I have a lot of tattoos. And I'm sure a lot of people in this room do. So, when I got my first tattoo, there was a lot of clash of opinions between me and my parents. We fought a lot. They were like, why did you get this? So my question to you is, is getting tattoos something which looks unprofessional? Or is it something which lacks gravitas? Or, why? Why is this clash of opinion? Well, the question is, at different times in your life, different things may mean a lot to you. At that moment, if you have yourself marked permanently. And today in United States, tattoo removal is a huge business. It's a bigger business than tattoo. Alright? Because, you know, when they were in college, they fell in love, they wrote your name all over the arm. And then it's over, then rubbing it off. You have to peel your skin. So, maybe it's better you wait before you tattoo yourself all over the place. To something that matters to you. If you want to write it on your forehead, it better be something that matters to you for the rest of your life. Because after one or two years if it falls off, then you'll have to peel your skin. Plus, also, see everything that you are, need not be written on your face. When you want to do work in the world, when you want to do things in the world, it's not necessary everything that you are is all up front. You must have, what to expose to whom, isn't it? So, if your tattoo is already saying what you are, your philosophy, and everything is written. So we know who you are the moment you enter. If you're wanting to live a very simplistic life, it's okay. If you're looking for a more complex involvement in life, it's better people are not able to mark you in any particular way. Shall I tell you my experience with tattoos? Yes. No I don't have any. I'm too dark for that tattoos, what to do? Is there a white colour tattoo? Yes, there is white color. Okay. I was, you know we've been working in the prisons, both in India and United States. This movement is called inner freedom for the imprisoned. It's a very touching movement. So when I was in Kentucky correction center. It's a high security prison. There, there was one guy who's a tattoo maker. He makes tattoos. So I was doing a ten-day program for these prisoners, so they got really pally with me. Then, they revealed. I said, where do you get these tattoos within the prison? Everything is searched, okay? Even from your body or feces, everything is searched so that nothing goes in. But somehow this guy tattoos everybody at a tremendous price, okay? And he showed me all his tricks, how he tattoos. He breaks off one little thing of the fork, and sharpens it and sharpens it. Makes it into a needle. Anything little plastic he gets, bit and pieces of plastic he gathers, melts it all, and different colors. You should see the prisoners there, tattoooed from head to toe. This decides which gang they belong to, you know. It's like, they, a particular type of tattoo means, you belong to this group. Wherever they go in their this thing, they have a lingo, that this is where you belong. And it also tells them what grade of criminal are you.


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