Transcript: If you are a friend to somebody, you don’t have to nag them with what’s wrong with them. That’s not the point. But at the same time, you must have the courage to be unpopular with people. In just trying to be popular with people, just see how many stupid things you are doing with your life. In just trying to maintain some kind of pleasantness around you, see how much unpleasantness you have buried within you. If you bury unpleasantness, if you put seeds of unpleasantness into the soil you’ll reap fruits of unpleasantness, isn’t it? The more and more unpleasantness you bury within yourself, you’ll reap a fruit like that. You must have the courage; if you really have a friend, you must have the courage to be unpopular with your friends and still be loving and okay with it. Right now, your friendships are always made on agreements, likes and dislikes. No, you are apples and oranges and still you can be good friends. A true friend is somebody who has the courage to tell you what shit you are, and still be loving and nice to you. Yes?


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