Being joyful is 100% in your hands

Being joyful is 100% in your hands


Transcript: We need to understand this. We are experiencing life the way we are experiencing not because that's how life is, because that's how we are. Our experience of life is essentially determined by us, not by what's happening around us. There are situations in the world, family, work, street, many things. Nation, world, all kinds of situations. Whatever happens in the outside situation has a certain amount of impact on our physical lives. Definitely it has, isn't it? But it does not determine the nature of our experience. The nature of our experience simply depends on how we are. Situations, of course, are dependent on million other people. Your life situation right now, living in Kolkata. What every citizen of Kolkata is doing has some impact on your life situations. But it need not have any impact on your experience of life. Because your experience of life is essentially determined by you, you, and you alone. Nobody else but you. If you understand this, that is the basis of Sadhana. You are sitting down with your eyes closed, just to understand experientially that everything that I experience is coming from within me. Pain and pleasure are coming from within you. Joy and misery are coming from within you. Agony and ecsatasy is happening from within you. If you understand this much, then would you choose pain or pleasure? Would you choose joy or misery? Agony or ecstasy? That's all, you know the choice. If you are confused about the choice, then you would need lot of lessons. Your choice is clear for yourself, 100% clear. So when it is so clear, choice is clear, only thing is, your ability to make the choice. That's all you need to enhance. If you did not know what to choose, it would be more complicated. Your choice is 100% clear, only to be able to choose.


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