Can reading a book or playing board games make you meditative?

Can reading a book or playing board games make you meditative?


Transcript: Well, if you read a book, or do jigsaw, or whatever else, definitely certain amount of focus is needed. Normally if you stay focused, let's say, you got interested or involved in reading a book and you stayed focused, absolutely focused in the book to a point. Slowly, the surrounding disappeared because the book got interesting. That is called as dharana in yoga. That means you have a focus, you and the book all that exists. Rest of the world has disappeared. In that sense, there is some use to it, definitely. But, you're using the puzzle or whatever else more as a distraction than as a way of focusing. The reason why you're doing this is, just sitting here by yourself will drive you crazy unless you're doing something either on the phone, or with this, or that. You must be doing something otherwise you'll go crazy. You're using it as a distraction, you're using your focus as a way to distract yourself. I'm saying, this lockdown time at least find out how crazy you are. At least get a diagnosis. Don't have to go to any doctor because that is also under, psychiatry is under lockdown. By yourself, you sit down for one hour. With your eyes closed, see what all happens in your mind. After one hour, to whatever extent you can remember this, just write it down because most of it for most human beings, there is no continuity. Random, random, random stuff is happening, write it down. If you trust anybody at home, you tell them not you, your friend wrote a letter like this to you. Don't expose yourself because people will exploit this. If they read it, they will say this is the work of a madman, 100%. You can take two-three opinions. You yourself will know. So it's good to find out how mad are you. Yes, very important. First and foremost thing, if you want to go somewhere, is to find out where am I right now. Even Google demands where are you. If you ask the route for that place, even the Google maps ask where are you. Because without knowing where you are we cannot direct you anywhere, isn't it? So how crazy are you? I think it's good to find out.


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