Causal Sex – What is wrong with having casual physical relationships?

Causal Sex – What is wrong with having casual physical relationships?


Transcript: So this body memory, traditionally in this culture we call this Runanbandan. That means, physical memory that you build. You can either consciously build your physical memory or you can simply take in wild amounts of memory and go through lots of physical confusion. Because, if I as much as touch this, this memory, it remembers. You try this with four of your friends. You touch their hands. Don't try to consciously remember. Everyday touch their hands and forget about it. Tomorrow if that person comes and touches you, you know it's this hand, isn't it? So the body remembers, it's not the mind. The physical body remembers, this is called as Runanbandan. When there is a sexual interaction, or there is any kind of intimacy which involves thought, emotion, and body, the amount of memory that is left in your system is very big. It is from this context they said, you must keep this as simple as possible. There are other aspects where in certain tantric process and all, they're involving. They're preparing themselves for years to distance themselves from the body in such a way that the body doesn't pick up anything from anywhere. This is being done like a sadhana, not as sexual promiscuity. So the question is not of morality. The question is of, what is it that you want to do with yourself in your life. If you want to be in such a way that in your life your inner intelligence will be the most dominant thing in your life, not your physical body, then you must keep the body's memory as simple as possible. This is why simple types of food, you know people go into very simple kind of food, not complicated. Even now, I eat one meal a day and I eat only one item in the meal. I won't eat ten. I may eat all of those things another day, but today I'll eat only one item. Because it makes a huge, just experiment and see don't go by what I'm saying. Just experiment, and especially when your examination time comes, eat simple food and see what a difference it makes. For your intelligence, how it functions, how alert you are, everything. So what is it that you're trying to build yourself to. Do you want to build yourself to be a sexual supernova? Or, no I'm saying, some people may have that intention. That's upto them. But what is it that you want to do with your life is something that you must decide. If you have decided that, it's very, very important that you don't unconsciously pick up enormous amount of memory because this will lead to. Later on you will see, it'll become very difficult to remain peaceful and joyful in your life, no matter what good things may be happening. Simply because there is confusing memories in the system. When, something else of similar nature comes, the body goes into a turmoil of confusion. It may not translate into your mind. Just physically, it will go on. So, it's a choice that one has to make. It's not a question of morality, it is a question of living sensibly.


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