Competition does not make you grow and evolve | Taking pleasure in others failure is sickness

Competition does not make you grow and evolve | Taking pleasure in others failure is sickness


Transcript: Being better than somebody, if it's a pleasure for you, you enjoy other people's failures. I call that sickness. This is not success. You, as a life, you want to be at your fullest. You have a right to be. Every life in creation, from a worm, insect, bird, animal, even a plant and tree. All striving to their best, isn't it? You also. But why are you concerned whether somebody is behind you? Why is that so pleasurable for you that somebody else is less than you. From early kindergarten levels, this sickness has been brought into human mind, which is causing so much unpleasantness on the planet. Such ugly situations everywhere. But we don't seem to learn. We've created schools where children are never graded. We're looking at them as individuals, what we can do to evolve them to their fullest possibility. Now the problem is, this all life has happened like this. What do you think? You think a blade of grass is less important than an oak tree in the garden? Hello? You think so? Only a fool would think so, isn't it? Hello? But that's what we're doing. We call this education. We call this competition. We call this society. No, very stupid way of handling things. Because, the important thing is, for what you have come with, will you blossom to the fullest human being, or not? This is the only question. This doesn't need anything other than constantly nourishing the atmosphere, not even the person. If you want a plant to grow, you don't do anything to the plant. You just take care of the soil, the atmosphere, the ambience. That's all that needs to be taken care of even for a human being. That you need to take care of the atmosphere so that everybody finds the fullest expression for their life. The moment you think you want to be better than somebody else, you are sick in some way. And this sickness has permeated into the world in a huge way. And we think this is the way to become, you know, to achieve something in our life. So if everybody is lame, you're a little faster and you think you're doing fantastic. You'll enjoy other people being crippled. Yes? Hello? If your entire life is always sitting on top of everybody else, you will enjoy other people's incapabilities, isn't it? This is not good for you. This is definitely not good for humanity.


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