Detachment is not a solution to avoid suffering

Detachment is not a solution to avoid suffering


Transcript: See, this attachment, detachment business is a misunderstanding that's come out of the Gita in this country. People misunderstood Krishna like nothing. In the sense, people think Krishna is talking about detachment. Please look at his life. His life is involvement, isn't it? If you look at the scape of whatever we know about his life, whatever little we know about his life, his life spells involvement, involvement, involvement with everything around him. So this person, unfortunately, is being accused of detachment. See, if there is no involvement, there is no life. You can only know life with involvement. Even if the meal that you eat today, if you're not involved you will not know what it is. Without involvement, you cannot even taste life. Not possible. People are talking about detachment because of fear of suffering. Fear of suffering has come because when they involve, they get entangled. They do not know how to get involved, they just get entangled. Entaglement is happening because your involvement is very discriminatory. Is that sync again? So I should be equally involved in everything, is that what you're saying? I mean. Tell me, if you're less involved in your breath, and more involved in your eating, you think life will work? See, breath is involuntary, that's what, that's why I'm using the word breath. Because it's involuntary, you don't have to do anything, it's just happening. But we're involved by keeping that air conditioning on, otherwise we'll suffocate. This is our involvement, we turned on that machine. We may not be consciously breathing, alright? But we are involved. Without involvement, in every aspect of life, you will get skewed. And that is when psychologically you get messed up so much, that in many ways mind gets deranged. Seeing this, somebody said you're too attached, you must be detached. No. Detachment will not work either. Can you be detached and do something well? Can you do something well being detached about it? No. You need absolute involvement. If you have an indiscriminate sense of involvement, you will see, there is no entanglement in your involvement. If you discriminate, you'll get entangled. The problem is of discrimination. Not of involvement.


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