Did you know – Your mind can run 14 parallel tracks at the same time!

Did you know – Your mind can run 14 parallel tracks at the same time!


Transcript: This will be very hard for your viewers to digest, but let them have little indigestion. Let them sit up and think about this. As I sit here, I'm talking to you, am I talking sensibly? Yes. Do I look focused? Very. Nobody has ever seen me unfocused on anything, but at the same time I have at least 12-14 tracks running in my mind all the time. So I may be talking to you, but I'm sorting out many, many things. That means, in a way, compared to a whole lot of people, if they think one thing, they can't think the other thing, I have 14 people in one. I could increase the range if I want, I'm just a little lazy. So I don't want to spread it. If little more striving, I can spread it much more. But, you know, here and there I enjoy a little bit of laziness. I thought 12-14 tracks, it's enough and they're running well. So at the same time I'll be designing something, I'll be creating something, I'll be preparing something, everything will be happening at the same time. This is what being human means. Unfortunately, most people utter the word human only with reference to the limitations of being human. Very rarely anybody says I am human referring to the immensity of being human. They are always saying, oh I am only human. So this is what I want them to realize, this is what Adiyogi means. 112 different ways through which you can find solutions of transformation. Solutions or means for transformation. For your immediate needs and for your ultimate needs, both. This dimension of science, where he is talking about the entire nuts and bolts of human mechanism and the nuts and bolts of cosmic mechanism, and how these two things will fit into each other, absolutely without any friction, how you can be a part of the cosmos, how the cosmos can be a part of you. This is not logically correct but, when the Saptarishis asked him, what is the nature of this existence, where does it begin, where does it end, how big is it? He laughed and he said I can pack the entire cosmos into a mustard seed. So then they asked if you can pack everything into a mustard seed, is it big, is it small, what is its nature, what's its composition, how can it be big and small at the same time? By then he was bored with them. Then he just said, like this, five, that there are just five elements. If these five elements, if you understand, if you grasp these five elements, you grasp the entire creation. The physical world is finished with five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space. If you know these things, you know everything. With these five things, how much mischief, just see. Can you believe with five elements, just with five ingredients, how many things have been created in this cosmos? So he just said this, that's all you need to get. So that's why we called him Bhutaswara, the master of five elements.


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