Does sexual indulgence restrict the secretion of Amruta?

Does sexual indulgence restrict the secretion of Amruta?


Transcript: Yes and no. In the sense, it is not the sexuality which limits it. But it is the excessive identity with the physicality, which limits it. So, it is not sexuality per say which becomes the barrier, but the attachment it creates to the physicality, which definitely becomes the barrier. This question is coming from certain amount of bits and pieces, the gossip that you have heard about how you could assimilate your own semen and raise it up to your higher possibility. Yes, it is true. At the same time, it is not because of abstinence that one does it. It is because of internalising your energies, that you do it. It is not simply that somebody is abstaining from sex and suddenly his energies are all organized and it's going up. It's not true. If your energies get organized and begin to move up, the need for sexuality may evaporate for you. But it doesn't leave you incapable. It doesn't leave you impotent. But the need is gone. It is just no more a compulsive thing. And, it is not just this one thing. All compulsiveness is lost. Essentially, most of the sexuality that's happening on the planet is happening because of a certain compulsiveness, isn't it? It's a compulsive drive. When you become conscious, when all compulsiveness disappears, this also disappears. It is just that because people are so body-oriented, they're always thinking, spirituality versus sexuality. They're not connected. They're not connected, one is of the body, another is of a different dimension. It is simply because people are so, because religions of the world, moral schools and the ethical schools have been always speaking against it. It has become such a big issue in people's minds, they think the only way to know something beyond is, you must be away from this. Because somewhere, you're not able to accept the simple biology of a human being. Which is a tragedy, that you cannot accept the simple biology. You either have to celebrate it, or you have to push it down the drain. Both are not needed. You can look at it for the limitation that it is, and for the possibility that it is. So, if because of the impurity of sex, your spirituality is going to get disturbed, I want you to know that your very birth is impure. When you come from such an impure birth, where is the possibility for you?


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