Transcript: Raise the bar of survival, keep on raising it. What was your idea of survival 25 years ago? What was your idea of survival 15 years ago? What is your idea of survival today? It's raising the bar, isn't it? Two meals a day was survival when you didn't have anything, if you have known such a state, it's good to know those things. But now maybe mercedes is survival. In every different segment of society, survival has been raised to a place where billionaires are still struggling to survive among their community. Yes? I have had this opportunity, at close quarters, to see multi-billionaires but still beggars. Every day their mentality, their mindset is just that of a beggar who sits on this street and thinking okay, what will, what is today? What? How many more pennies can I gather? It's the same stuff, it's just the numbers have increased but the experience of life is still the same because you raise the bar of survival. Now your whole life, it doesn't matter what you do, still goes in survival. Everybody, I won't fix this for you. In your life you must fix it, how much is survival. You must fix it somewhere. Now. Not after 25 years when you get there, no. Now we must speak, this is my survival, then what I want to do. My survival is taken care of, what is it that really matters to me in my life. Whatever that is. If we don't structure our lives like this, forever you will be fighting with phantoms. Why I'm saying you're fighting with phantoms is, in other countries, where the bar of survival has not been raised so high, people can change the course of their life when they wish. I find, in the most affluent nation on the planet, everybody is enslaved for 30 years minimum. Their house loan is for 30 years, car loan is for 5 years, another thing is something, their insurance this, this, this. They're just fixed. Tomorrow morning if they find something really compelling that they want to do, they cannot do, they can only do it after 30 years. We did not come to affluence for this. The idea of affluence is you have the freedom to change the course of your life, do what you want to do. You don't have to be stuck with what you thought was the best thing when you were 20. At 20, you may think this is the best thing. At 40, the damn thing means nothing. If still the same things mean a lot to you, that means you're stuck. You're not growing, isn't it? A whole lot of people are stuck at 14, not even 20. Same things. Still they're excited about somebody's body part, they're still very excited about it. It's ridiculous. When you're 14 you're excited, I understand. You're 45, 50, 60 you're still in the same bin. It's a tragic way to live.


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