Transcript: It is time, one thing that you do, one thing that everybody who considers themselves some kind of sadhaka or a seeker. One thing that you must do to yourself is, you are absolutely truthful to yourself. If you're also truthful to everybody around you, you will get other kinds of benefits with people. But, I will not go that far right now. With yourself, you're 100% truthful. Otherwise all kinds of tricks keep happening. To be truthful to yourself is not an easy thing because there is lifetimes of habit, of simply bullshitting yourself. And of course, you've gone through much religious training, many of you. So you have a very sophisticated way of bullshitting yourself. And you have got it endorsed by certain authorities. Hello? It is endorsed, that this bullshit is good. A guest came to Shankaran Pillai's house. And, being a South Indian man, down south you know, Pillai has come from further down south. He was carrying an umbrella, which is a common thing. In Kerela, and southern Tamil Nadu to carry an umbrella is a very common thing because rains can be very heavy. Then they walked out. He took the guest out, then it started raining. But Shankaran Pillai did not open the umbrella. The guest said, "Why don't you open the umbrella?" Shankaran Pillai said, "I'm sorry. The umbrella is full of holes." Then the guest asked, "Why did you bring it?" "Well I never thought it'll rain today." A whole lot of people are like this. They think somebody else has to catch their lies. This will take a long time because someone else catching your lies will take lifetimes. You must catch them. You should not let your chickens pass to become 100% straight with yourself. It can take a certain amount of application. But, if this one thing you do, Asotama Sadgamaya. This piece of life will work for sure, 100%. Then figuring out a few things is very simple. For that I am there. If you just fix this one thing, that you're 100% straight. No any kind of deception. When there's a hole in the umbrella, you know there's a hole in the umbrella. You will never forget that there is a hole in the umbrella. Okay? If you are like this, rest of the work becomes very simple and easy.


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