Don’t wear a ring in this finger – the power of the ring finger

Don’t wear a ring in this finger – the power of the ring finger


Transcript: So in a way, to open up your body, to open up this human mechanism to many possibilities, ring finger is significant. If you want to open up a person to become your bride or groom, then you put a ring on their finger, on the ring finger. Isn't it? In some way, people open up. Somewhere, they understood that if you do this, certain things will happen. So they use this particular finger, nowhere else. Of course, now lot of new age people are putting a ring upon their thumb. It's a very wrong thing to do, you will attract certain kinds of energies which you can't deal with. And it also stabilizes the system. If you put metal on the ring finger, it stabilizes the system. There are many many other dimensions, but two put it in a generic way, it is like a remote to open up the dimensions of your own body. Without opening this up, there is no cosmos. Without opening your eyes, there is no world. Isn't it? If your eyes were always closed, there is no world for you. So similarly, without opening up this system, there is no cosmos for you. So the ring finger is not really about the cosmos. It is about this system, the human system, human mechanism. If you open this up, then there is a cosmos. The cosmos has always been there. It is just that you did not open for it. Ring finger, if you know how to use it, which will take a certain amount of whatever. Don't do that in meditations, don't sit like this. It will dissipate your energies in many different ways. Best to use YogaMudra, or open hands. Don't use the ring finger because that will need a completely different kind of instruction and training. If you bring your energy system to a certain way, or to a certain level of vibrance and intensity, then you will know that hands are great instrument. In yoga, we're saying, the ring finger, from here to here, you can control the whole universe. It is everything. This is like the mouse for your computer. Here you can, you can just adjust your system whichever way you want. If you know what to do. Don't go about rubbing this, it won't work like that. If you know what to do with this, this is like the mouse to your computer. You can take it wherever you want. You can just activate your system whichever way you want, just by handling the ring finger. Now, you can make these hands in such a way that if you move it here, something will happen in another part of the world. You can make something happen somewhere else, totally somewhere else. Wherever you want, pinpoint it. Because these hands are the instrument to everything. It's like the control panel to everything.


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