FOMO – How to overcome the fear of missing out?

FOMO – How to overcome the fear of missing out?


Transcript: The fear of missing out. First of all, fear, let's address fear before we address missing out. Fear is always about, what may happen, or may not happen. Right? Fear is not about what we're experiencing right now. What will happen is always the fear. Or in other words, your fear is about something which is not yet. Your fear is about something which does not exist. This is all management people. If there were a few, seombody from a psychiatry department, we could have asked them. If I have fear about something that does not exist, what is my condition? They would have a title for that. We're suffering something which doesn't even exist. Yes? If you're suffering something that doesn't even exist, it is not about life, it is not about education, it's not about career, it is just about your mind being out of control. Is that not an important aspect that you should manage, before we allow you to manage an industry or a business. Is it not important? First of all, you learn to at least manage your mind. So it's very important that there is nothing to miss out in life. Life is happening to all of us. Question is only, if I miss this party, am I missing out something? If I miss this examination, am I missing out something? If I miss this job, am I missing out something? This is simply because right now, who you are, is not internally managed. It is externally stimulated. When you step out into the world, if you leave it to the people to decide what happens within you, they're going to drive you crazy in no time. Here it's all managed for you. You're not managing this. It's managed for you. What should happen to you, what should not happen, somebody else is managing it. When you step out on the street, if you leave it to other people's hand, they can decide whether you're happy or unhappy, you're going to be miserable for sure. What happens within you, must be determined by you, isn't it? And anyway, why are you copying people? Most people don't know what the hell they're doing. This happened. Shankaran Pillai joined an entity, he was working in Pentagon. Then he kept moving his work cable, from one office to another office to another office to another office, he went on moving around. Then he moved to the corridor, he moved into the garden, he moved here, there. Then he moved into the men's restroom, and settled down there and started working. Everybody was looking at this, what's wrong with him, some problem. Initially they thought he's a Russian agent. Then he thought he must be a Muslim terrorist. Then they thought all those things, then everything ran out, he didn't cause any harm to anybody. Then he settled down in the men's restroom and started working. So they told the Pentagon's psychiatrist that this guy is gone lonely, he's working in the men's room. And he settled down and he's just doing his work there. So the psychiatrist just strolled in, as if he wanted to use the men's room and started chatting. And he found he was quite normal, everything was fine with him. He said, why are you sitting in the men's room and working? He said, I moved everywhere and saw, in the end I found this is the only damn place where people know what they're doing.


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