Hard to give title to this talk just watch it to know how to be happy

Hard to give title to this talk just watch it to know how to be happy


Transcript: Today, just to take very affluent societies because every society is aspiring to be like that. Let's say you take United States, which is the most affluent nation on the planet right now. 70% of US population is on prescription medication. Another 30%, of course, buying it off the back streets. Most affluent nation. Obviously affluence is not working. To be healthful, you need chemicals. To be joyful, you need chemicals. To be peaceful, you need chemicals. To be ecstatic, of course, there is ecstasy. So, I'm not even looking at it morally. It's never a moral issue for me. If 90% of this population right now, is on chemicals, believe me, the next generation that we produce will be a generation which is much less than us. If we produce a next generation less than ourselves, we have committed a crime against humanity. Because the next generation must be at least one step ahead of us. Otherwise we have lost it. So, we are heading towards this rapidly unless we teach individual human beings how to simply sit here and be blissed out. Stoned enough or no? Just look at me. But am I conscious enough? Alert enough? Clear enough? If there was a way to intoxicate yourself without losing your judgement, without losing your awareness, without losing your intelligence, it's a great thing. Intoxication is a fantastic thing. Only problem is it takes away your judgement, it takes away your intelligence, incapacitates you. That is the problem, isnt it? If you know how to manage this, you will be like me, always blissed out. Anybody can say what they want, anybody can do what they want, this is like this only. Because I have not given this priviledge to anybody. That somebody can make me happy, somebody can make me unhappy, somebody can make me miserable. It's very important that neither this way or that way. We listen to everybody because we could be doing something wrong. Hello? Any moment we could be doing something wrong. So we listen to everybody. But what they say will not determine how I am. Never ever. This you must fix.


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