Have you done an audit of your life? Learn how you can do one

Have you done an audit of your life? Learn how you can do one


Transcript: People always kept account of money and things that they have. But, very few people kept accounts of how they are, or they're progressing, or regressing, or what is happening. People have taken on this mode, if small things go wrong in their life, they'll find one little person down there and say it's because of him. I'm talking about the husband. If big things go wrong, it's because of him, the big guy up there. This guy, never in account. The little people or big people. This one, this one acts really big when he has to receive something, but when he has to give something he really acts very small. People taken on this mode. This is because there is no clear accounting process and no clear-cut balance sheet, this is where I stand in my life. If there was an accounting process, if you, shall we make an audit? Yes. Little bit of life audit. When you are five years of age, how joyful you were. Today how joyful you are. The balance sheet, is it profit or loss? That means it's loss. I was speaking to a group of people at the Princeton University and I looked around, a whole lot of people sitting with long faces. Particularly in university, the faces are extra long. Maybe it's the weight of knowledge, I don't know. So I looked around, except for three, four faces which were young faces, which were bright, all others. Then I asked them, what's happened to all these people over 30 years of age? Why are they carrying such long faces? One lady stands up and says, they are all married. This has happened only because there is no day-to-day accounting. Every day, before you go to bed, if you had a balance sheet going. Today am I a little better human being or am I little worse? Every day, if you had accounts, once a year if there was a clear audit, external audit, then very quickly you would have recovered. But after 25 years, one day you realize you are deep in the red. Now very difficult to recover because it's gone to another place.


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