How can a modern woman become an ideal wife?

How can a modern woman become an ideal wife?


Transcript: So, your mother, your grandmother, how they made good wives. Largely it was believed the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Now today your husband will call Uber Eats and whatever quick picks and this and that and Swiggy and whatever. Alright? So you can't make a good wife based on how your grandmother became a good wife. You can't become a good wife based on how your mother became a good wife. Situations have changed, expectations have changed. It's not in the stomach anymore. For some it's gone up into the head, for some it's gone further south. Yes? And, according to contemporary needs, not how your grandmother did her marriage. You can't do it that way because expectations and situations have completely altered themselves. So if you hold somebody who is your friend, and who is your need. You must understand. You're in this relationship because you need. Maybe the other person also needs, but that's from their side. As far as you are concerned, you made this relationship because you need it badly. Isn't it? If you understand, and you're always grateful for this, that somebody is fulfilling all your need, you would handle it well. You wouldn't make a misery out of it. But now you think somebody else needs you, then you'll make a mess out of it. So, you don't do that. Essentially, what husband and wife means is, because you are not geared. Most people are not geared. Very few people in this world are geared to make this journey of life all by themselves. They're organized enough within themselves, totally. They never feel anything missing in their life because they have made themselves like that. But, most people need somebody else to lean on. Either emotionally, psychologically. There are needs in a human being. Physical needs, psychological needs, emotional needs. Maybe, social needs, economic needs, variety of needs. To fulfil these needs, you want to find one person that you can depend on. Because it's very difficult, you want to find one person with whom you can share everything that you have. Your body, mind, emotion, and it works. So this is the idea. Finalizing it so that everytime you get little, some little friction, you don't fall apart. So little tying up, so that things don't fall apart very easily, alright? Nothing else. The biggest mistake humanity made was, they started saying marriages are made in heaven. That's why it's such a mess. Much done here. If you see, marriages are made between us. And we took responsibility for who we are, or we could've made it work. The damn thing is made in heaven. Not suitable here because it's alien stuff. Everything is a mess because you think it's made elsewhere, by somebody else. If you understand it's made by you for your well being, to fulfil your needs and your purposes so that you can go through this journey of life with least amount of trouble and friction, then you would handle it more responsibly. Isn't it?


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