How can I know about my past life?

How can I know about my past life?


Transcript: See, for me personally, the last three lives, it's the same work, same place. We're in the same place now once again. To some extent, same people. There are situations where, many times, I end up calling them by their old names. We have taken them to those places. A past life experience where they clearly experienced what it is and they're very much with us and they know it is so. This is not somebody's suggestion, this is not a story told to them. This is something that's a living experience within themselves. But again I insist, don't believe all this. Because, by believing, you'll destroy your possibilities. Oh, I know there are lives. Finished you are. The moment you make a conclusion, you've destroyed all search within you, isn't it? Yes? The moment you make a conclusion, there is no thing to search. I don't know, you can't live with an I don't know, isn't it? Yes? You cannot live with an I don't know. I don't know is uncomfortable right now but it's a tremendous possibility because it starts the search. Once a deep I don't know enters you, you will see your whole life energy becomes such. It is not just an intellectual question once the I don't know sinks into you very deeply. All that we have done in the 6 days is to bring you to a state where you don't know anything and you're happy about it. Yes? You have not been stuck with knowledge in these 6 days. Slowly, slowly you're coming to a state where you really don't know anything. If this I don't know sinks deep into you, you will see your very life energies becomes a seeking, a searching. Then, truth cannot be hidden from you. If your seeking is intense, how can anybody hide it for you, because it's within you. Nobody can take it away from you. Right now, the seeking is not intense enough. Spirituality is still entertainment, certain days flirtish. It's not going to work that way. When it sinks deep, something else happens.


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