How can women become successful in modern society?

How can women become successful in modern society?


Transcript: This too much of man-woman thing is being done, unfortunately. It's a small biological difference, to serve a certain purpose. We all are here today because of this difference. Yes? So we don't have to treat women like separate species. There was a time when the world was such that, a woman couldn't really go out and do much because of the nature of the world around. Suppose, right now, you know, I don't know, maybe two-three thousand people turned up from many parts of the world for yesterday's event in kashi. I think in this more than 60% of women. Now, suppose this was thousand years ago it would be 95% men, only 5% women, maybe. Because to travel by walk or, by on a horseback, and to come to kashi from thousand miles away would be a challenging thing for a woman. Would not be very safe for a woman, those days. But today, you must understand it's not your liberal attitude which has brought women reasonably level, just technology. Technology has leveled the difference because your big muscle is no more useful. You need some brain. When man's muscle did everything on this planet, naturally man was dominant. This dominance also is misunderstood. He dominated in one arena, which was filmed and reported. She dominated in a different arena, which was private and not reported. If you make economics the only value of your life, money is the only prime value in your life, then world will become very male because there will be no room for the feminine to find expression. There may be women but they will surrender their feminine to be successful, unfortunately. This should not happen. Women should succeed as women, not as men. With full-blown feminine nature they must be able to be successful in a society. They don't have to pretend to be a man to be successful, this has to go. If this has to go, the world has to move completely from brawn to brain. It's very important, this transition. Now, when you talk about economy or money power, it's brawn. It's a different kind of muscle. So we are taking away the physical muscle and bringing in the money muscle. So once again you're creating a male dominated society. Masculine dominated society, because now women have understood how to be successful by being masculine. No, this is not a good thing for the world. There must be a world where women can be 100% feminine and still be absolutely successful. If this has to happen, money should not be the ruling factor. It should be just currency, money is just currency to facilitate things. But right now money is a ruling factor so masculine becomes the dominant force. We need to change this. Unless music, aesthetics, love, beauty, and other things, everything becomes equal proportions, feminine will not flourish. And if feminine is wiped out of this planet, then all the men will sit and wonder why are we living.


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