How important is money in life?

How important is money in life?


Transcript: Money is just a process. But, a whole lot of people are beginning to think that money is a goal by itself. Money is not a goal, I want you to remember. It is only a process. It's an enabling process. If you want to buy food, you need money. If you want to buy comfort, you need money. But now, you're trying to buy a life with money. You will not succeed for sure. It doesn't matter, whether you have 10 rupees today, or 10 million tomorrow, or 10 billion tomorrow. I have seen many billionaire beggars, still. With the same mentality, where is the next buck? Now how they want to live. They don't want to live well, they want to live better than their neighbour. Because of that, money becomes important. If they just want to live, money would be a small part of their life. But now they want to live better than their neighbour, bigger than their neighbour. So, run behind the money becomes an endless run. Otherwise, in a short period of time, what you need for your lifetime you can create in terms of money. And then do what is significant for your life, rather than running after a tool which was just created to simplify transactions. We have made money the currency, or a common. Instead of being in barter system. If you were in barter system, if I gave you a ball, you will give me a bat, then we would be doing that. But now you can buy a ball and a bat with money. You can buy a home and a car with money. You can buy food and comfort with money. So money has become a common transaction tool, and people need that to live. Money is only a tool of transaction. It is not a goal by itself. It's only a process. Thank you.


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