How important is spirituality in school education?

How important is spirituality in school education?


Transcript: See when we say, when we use the word spiritual. The moment you utter this, everybody has their own misconception about what it could be. So let me put it in proper perspective. You must understand, the moment you refer to somebody as spiritual, the word seeker also goes with that. You're a spiritual seeker. You're not a spiritual believer. You are referred to as a believer if you adhere to a certain religion. But you're referred to as a seeker the moment you say, "I'm spiritual." A student is a seeker, isn't it? A scientist is a seeker. A teacher must become a seeker, it's very important. So spiritual process in its essence is a must for education because they have to be active seekers. Whether it is physics, or chemistry, or biology, or spirituality, essentially it is the seeking for the truth of the matter in that particular aspect of life. Isn't it? What else is education? Education is about seeking truth, maybe not the ultimate truth, but right now what we're looking at. We want to know the truth about it, we don't want to know some rubbish about it, we don't want to believe something about it. We want to know the truth about it. If you look in a microscope, we want to know the truth about an amoeba. We don't want to know, we don't want to believe what an amoeba is. We want to know the truth about it. So, a student is a natural seeker. A spiritual process should bring the discipline into a student. See not to believe anything, but at the same time not to become abusive and disrespectful of things around you, takes a lot of discipline. I don't believe a thing that you say. But still, to listen to you takes a certain amount of discipline and culturing. This culturing is a must for a student that every human being should learn. I don't have to believe anything that you say but, I have the necessary regard, respect, and inclusiveness to sit and listen, or to raise a question and object. This is something that has to come into your society, if human thought process has to rise to a different level. If you abuse people, people will get restricted. If you don't question them, they will get restricted. Questioning without abuse. Questioning respectfully, everything that happens around us, is most important and this is the fundamental of spiritual seeking. So spiritual process is a must for any genuine student.


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