Transcript: Fundamentally we must understand, life needs nurture, atmosphere. Not fixing. Nothing to be fixed about it. It just needs an atmosphere where it will flourish best. What grows in Southern California will not grow in Minnesota, isn't it? That kind of life needs that kind of atmosphere, that kind of nurture. Only then it'll happen. So this is something that we have to pay attention to. There is no involvement. We want everything ready-made, we are looking at a ready-made solution. There's no ready-made solution to life. Life can only happen with enormouse involvement. There's simply no other way to do it. Where there is no involvement, there is no experience of life. Isn't it? Hello? Whether it's a simple food that you eat, or something that you look at, or who you live with, or what you do, or at the highest level whatever you'll do in your life. Without involvement, there is no life. But right now, modern societies are trying to do life with information, not with involvement. This is a big mistake. You have no information about your child. You can go to all the variety of doctors and get all their ideas about what your child is. All they will tell you is that he is sick in a hundred different ways. Okay? No, you don't need any information about your child, you need involvement. With involvement, you will bring that life to its best. It need not be as good as somebody else, or as bad as somebody else, because it's a unique life. Is there one life like another? It's a unique life. But, right from day 1 we are comparing it to another life and trying to make it like that one. This is a very cruel process for the child. The child never understands what the hell the parents want. I never understood. Nobody ever explained to me, why the hell I should go to school. So I never went. Because nobody explained to me why I have to go to school. They said, no no, you have to go to school. Why? I'm doing fine. Why should I go to school? No, because we think information is going to transform us. No. Information facilitates a few things. But it's involvement which transforms us, isn't it? Absolute involvement in something, it doesn't matter what it is. Total involvement with something, suddenly you find that human being is of a different nature, isn't it? So, that's all it takes. Involvement.


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