How to become a powerful human being | three simple steps

How to become a powerful human being | three simple steps


Transcript: I want you to observe your day to day life. A simple thing. Just let's say how many, how many words do you utter in a day? You never counted? Oh, you should. You should. Just make an estimate tomorrow. From morning to night, how many words do you utter? Day after tomorrow cut it by 50% and say the same things. You're not cutting off communication with people, you're still communicating but with 50% of the words. Your language skills will improve for sure. And you will see, you will develop so much of personal power within yourself. See there is scientific evidence to show, at least 20% of your energy right now, as you sit here in a restful state, is being consumed by your brain. If you bring this down, that your brain is not unnecessarily fluctuating and, you know, hopping mad all the time. If it learns to still be still and do only what's needed, an enormous sense of personal power will develop. You can't do this with your mind right now. If you try to stop it, it will hop even more crazy. At least do it with your body. Your words and your physical movements, reduce it by 50%. If you want to look at this, look at this. If you want to look at that, look at that. Don't do this, this, this. With your body, and you utterances if you do this, slowly it will also start manifesting in your mind. It will not do unnecessary things. When you don't know unecessary things, the energy that you have slowly transforms itself into potential power. So in developing this, this should not be dissipated in unecessary action. Right now you cannot curtail the number of thought you are having in your mind. That also can be. If you just bring in a reverberation within you, a simple mantra. If this is going away crazy, simply chant for some time. Create a certain reverberation. You will see, it will generate enormous amount of personal power. Without this power within you, you will not break through dimensions of life. This must be always understood, power is not about domination. Power is about becoming effective. Power is about becoming empowered. Only when you carry the potency of this power within you, you walk through this life. It doesn't matter where you are placed in the society. It doesn't matter finanacially where you are, materially where you are. You walk like a king because the power within you makes you walk like that.


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