How to bring up your children

How to bring up your children


Transcript: We must understand this, a child is not an industrial product. A child is a life, a fresh life. You are supposed to nurture this life. It's not that you put it through some kind of an industrial process called a school. It's like an industry. Everybody is taught the same damn thing, everybody is supposed to go through the same thing. And come out the same way and find a job and serve something, somewhere. This is not what human life is about. There is an innate genius in every human being. Do we have the patience and the commitment and the dedication to pay the necessary attention to bring that out in a specific human being? That's a big question. Otherwise, you will produce dumplings. All the same. Okay? So, once you have a child, before you have a child, you must understand. A child means a 20 year project, full on. That is if they do well. If they don't do well, it's a lifelong project. Because it's a life. One life may blossom at 12, another may blossom at 40. Do you have the patience to nurture that life? Or have you already set the thing, by the time you finish high school you must be in this university, that university, you must be doing this or that? It's all fixed up. Common prescription for all life. This is what we're doing, this is supposed to be civilization. This is not civilization, this is just escape from life. We want to escape the fundamental process of life. In tribal societies and other traditional societies, even today, nobody expects a man or a woman has to become like this at a certain time. Depending on each life, how they progress, everybody is valued for who they are. If you plant this chrysanthemum in your house, in three months it's full of flowers. If you plant an oak tree, 80 years, 10 years, nothing happens. So you want to chop it down? Hello? None of them would be. If you went by these standards, see this one, how well it is doing, in three months how many flowers. You fool you're doing nothing. This is not the way to handle life, isn't it? This is not an industrial product.


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