How to change the current system to end my suffering?

How to change the current system to end my suffering?


Transcript: See we are always thinking of changing the system. I'm not saying it should not, it should. But, within the existing systems we can do many things. Depending upon the individual teachers and the individual educators, how they operate. Because when you try to change the system in your own time, when you want to change the system, you must understand any system, even within the family if you want to change a system, it will take many years. It's not going to change overnight. Sometimes a generation has to pass for it to change. To walk into your house with your shoes on, one generation has to pass. Isn't it? So, instead of thinking how to change the system, yes we must have the vision of changing the system, but within the system how to do the maximum delivery is something that all of us should always look at. Otherwise, we are always talking about future generations without addressing the current generations. It'll never work that way. It'll only be a dream. We have to make the difference in the current generation, only then, if you take a small step now, the next generation will take a bigger step. But without taking this step, we are dreaming of a big step, it will not happen. It will be just an idea which will not work. So, as an educator, you mentioned the word meditation. We must understand this, what meditation means. The word meditation, the English word meditation doesn't mean anything. If somebody sits with their eyes closed, people think they are meditating. But you can sit with your eyes closed for many reasons. Unable to bear the world, you can close your eyes. Yes? You may be, in yoga there are many things, you may be doing japa, thapa, dharna, dhyana, samadhi, shoonya, samyama, we don't know what you're doing. So, there is the word meditation is not specific. It is too general and it's not saying anything in particular. Let us say, if we are thinking to allign the word meditation with what we refer to as dhyan. Or dhyana, or dhyanam as you go South. Because Hindi speaking people, you have a way of clipping away the words in the end. We say Rama, you say Ram. We say dhyanam, you say dhyan. You're cutting off everything in the end, that's your option. But, if you are thinking it is dhyan, or dhyana, or whatever. What this means is, if you sit here, if you sit here, if you have a distinct experience that your body is here, your mind is somewhere else, what is you is elsewhere. Or in other words, there is a little space between what is you and what is your body. What is you and what is the content of your mind. Suppose this little space was achieved within you right now, would all these young boys be complaining about stress? Once there is a little distance, that's the end of suffering. If you create a little space between you and your body, between you and your mind, this is the end of suffering. Because there are only two kinds of sufferings in your life, physical suffering, mental suffering. Do you know any other kind of suffering? Only two sufferings. If you distance yourself a little bit, that's all.


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