How to choose the best career option?

How to choose the best career option?


Transcript: For every one of you, your life is precious, isn't it? Hello? It's a precious life. If something is precious, where do you want to invest this life? Into what do you want to invest this precious life? If this is a worthless life throw it somewhere. If this is a precious life, what do you want to invest this life into? If you look at it this way, you will find something truly worthwhile to do. If you think in terms of, how to earn a living, how to get this kind of thing, that kind of thing, then you will do something silly that you will regret for the rest of your life. Most people are a regret. That's why they are going around joylessly because they're not doing what they want to do. They're not creating what really matters to them. They're doing something for a living. Earning a living is not a big deal for a human being. Every creature, every worm, insect, bird, animal, is earning their living, isn't it so? With such a big brain, what is a big deal about earning a living? But, unfortunately, because of 10-20 generations of poverty in this country, because of external occupations and invations and stuff. Because of that people have gotten into this mood, how to earn a living, how to earn a living. Parents are constantly grilling their children, how will you earn your living? With such a big brain, when an earthworm can earn its living, such a big brain, is earning a living an issue? No. What is it that you're going to create? This precious life, where are you going to invest it? Are you going to invest in something that's truly worthwhile? Or are you going to throw it away as a worthless thing? This is the important thing. So, one thing that every young person should do is, without the influence of the peers of your own age group, without the influence of your professors and your parents, without any kind of influence, somewhere you must stay by yourself. At least for 2-3 days. And look at it. What is it that I want to invest this precious life into. What is it that will be worthwhile today, and worthwhile after 50 years for me to invest myself into? You invest your life into that. Whatever it is. However small, big, it doesn't matter. If you see that this is something truly worthwhile and you invest your life in that, this will be a life of fulfilment.


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