How to choose your career? Do you want to make a living or make a life?

How to choose your career? Do you want to make a living or make a life?


Transcript: So one thing that all of you should do, before you make big decisions in your life, is withdraw from this pressures of peers, professors, parents, everybody. Just spend three days to one week by yourself. Look at it, what is it that you really want to do. Not under pressure from other people. What does this life want to do. Do that. It doesn't matter what other people think about it. When it comes to what you want to do, you must think clearly. It's very important. Thinking clearly means, the question is not about what will get me this, what will get me that. Is your life precious to you? All of you, I'm asking. Your life, is it precious to you? So before you invest this life into something, you must look, whether today if I invest my life into this, after 25 years, will it still mean a lot to me? After 50 years, will it still mean a lot to me? At the end of my life, I turn back and I look, will I be proud of this? Or will I be ashamed of what I'm doing right now? Doesn't matter what other people say. But you should not do anything that you will feel ashamed of. Isn't it so? It doesn't matter, people say so many things. Everybody has an opinion, it's their business. But you don't do something that you will feel ashamed of, isn't it? Then you're turning against yourself. Somebody turns against you, you can leave them and go somewhere else. If you turn against yourself, you'll have to live with it forever. So, this is all you have to look at it. Something will get you money, something will get you comfort. That's not the point. What you choose to do, will it give you a life? When I say, give you a life, are you just trying to make a living or are you trying to make a life out of this? It's important. Making a living is not an issue. A worm, an insect, a bird, an animal, all of them are making their life, making a living, isn't it so? They're even making a life out of it. But definitely they're making a living. So making a living with such a big brain is not an issue. Earning your food is not an issue. Making a living is not an issue. Only problem is, you want to live like somebody else. That's an endless problem. I want to live, is not a problem. I want to live like you, this is a problem. So, it is important, if you consider your life as a precious life, you must make sure you make a wonderful life out of this. Whatever opens up in that direction, that is the thing you should do.


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