How to deal with deep rooted anger?

How to deal with deep rooted anger?


Transcript: Suppose you're angry with your mother, you behave one way. You're angry with your friend, another way. You're angry with your professor, completely different way. Yes or no? So who is your victim right now? Accordingly, you should do. But now, you're asking this question as if anger is a natural part of you. Are you angry right now? What's your name? Mohini, are you angry right now? No. Then why are you bothered about anger? Once in a way, you get angry. Yes? You get angry, anger doesn't happen to you. You get angry. You like it? You don't like it? Then why do you do it? See, around us, so many people will do so many things that we don't like. Yes or no? So many things in Mumbai happening, things that we don't like are everyday happening. But at least within you, only what you want should happen within this. Isn't it? I cannot decide that only what I want should happen with you. But I can definitely decide that only what I want must happen within me. Isn't it? If you could decide, only what you want should happen within you, would you choose anger or joy? What's your choice, please choose, I'm going to bless you. Joy. See, you want the highest level of pleasantness for yourself. Isn't it? Then why is such a thing not happening? As I said earlier, you never read the user's manual. How this functions has not been looked at. Do not go by the example of people who came here a few years earlier than you. That, no, no my mother also was like that, my grandmother also was getting angry so I'm also getting angry. They should not be the leading lights of your life. I want you to look at it. Your thought, your emotion, your body, must happen the way you want, isn't it? If somebody else can decide, what should happen within you, this is ultimate slavery. Isn't it so? What happens around you, maybe we can decide. But nobody should decide, except yourself, what happens within you. If you decide, you would keep this in the highest state of pleasantness for sure.


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