How to deal with problems in life?

How to deal with problems in life?


Transcript: It's time to understand, all the problems of individual nature are generated from within. And we don't have to solve problems that we create. We just have to dissolve. Problems that you create, you don't have to solve. If there's a problem in the situation then yes, we have to solve. But you have a problem within you, solution is not what you need. Solution is madness. Solution means, for an illusion you're creating an illusory solution. Something that you make up, for that you create one more solution that you made up, once again. No. You just have to turn off the problems. You're going through a certain drama, only thing is, you're a lousy director. That's all there is. Instead of improving your direction, now you're trying to find a solution for a situation in a drama. It's like people watch a cinema and come home and they have big arguments about what happened there. So, the thoughts and emotions that you create, you don't have to find any solution for it, you should just turn it off. It's gone. If you find solution, you're moving towards insanity because you create a ghost and you create a ghostbuster. The ghost that you create, you must learn to play with them. Hello? I'm saying if nobody's willing to play with you, you have to play with somebody, right? So the ghost you create, if you like them, you play with them. If you don't like them, turn them off. But Sadhguru, they keep coming. You don't play. Don't like to play with them, don't play. They'll come and go. Never it ever happened that one thought remained for more than a moment, isn't it? It comes and goes, comes and goes. Let it come and go. If you try to find a solution for that, you will head towards insanity. And, you will start thinking you're Sigmund Freud's progeny.


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