How to develop a child’s brain in the womb?

How to develop a child’s brain in the womb?


Transcript: The intelligence of the body is such, if you already do not know this, if a woman delivers a male child, the quality of the milk that she produces is in a certain way. If she delivers a female child, the quality of the milk is totally different. If she delivers twins, one male and one female, one breast will ooze certain type of milk, another breast will ooze another kind of milk. This is the level of intelligence invested in this body. We have to treat it with that much care. This is not some crude machinery. This is the finest piece of technology on the planet, isn't it? Yes or no? This is the finest thing. In the entire evolutionary scale, these millions of years of work that nature did to produce this. But, in our desperation for economic well-being, I think we are not paying the kind of attention that this needs. The kind of care that this needs so that this can function at the highest level. And, can also produce human beings for the future, who are of a certain kind. So how to develop the brain when they're in the womb. It's very important that the atmosphere in which the child is growing up is kept in a certain way. With least amount of disturbance, right kind of reverberations, right kind of sounds, right kind of food, everything. Today, they're barely nourished, the pregnant women in most part of the country. They're barely nourished, where is the question of right kind of vibrations, right kind of atmospheres? One thing we can do for this is, every home, if possible, every working place, we can have a consecrated space. Today, slowly they're coming up with instruments which can measure the reverberations of certain objects. We can create consecrated spaces, or we can create consecrated objects which, at least at that time, she can carry upon her body. So that, kind of, to some extent, it's not the best solution, to some extent it neutralizes the outside impact to whatever extent possible. Or if she lives in a home, the place where she sleeps and other things are taken care of. Some amount of respite can be there for that new life which is blossoming within the womb.


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