How to live life to the fullest?

How to live life to the fullest?


Transcript: How can we explore every aspect of the life without being untouched and getting attached to all the compulsive activities? We say, I don't want to drink but somewhere we are afraid that we will be addicted to it. My question is how can we explore every aspect of life without being untouched? See, nobody says I want to drink. Some people drink, some people don't. Some people who drink may drink for the pleasure of it. Some people who drink may drink because they want to drown something within themselves. Some people drink because everybody's drinking, it's an evolutionary. It's an evolutionary issue, you know. When we were monkeys if one did this, everybody did this. And some people don't drink because they think it's morally wrong. Some people don't drink because they're afraid their parents and society, what they will say. Some people don't drink because they've found something better within themselves. They found something far better within, than a drink. So it never arose in their mind that they have to drink because they're doing wonderfully by themselves, they don't need any chemical help from outside. So these are different ways. If you want to explore life, because you can only explore life, you cannot explore art, you cannot explore spirituality, you cannot explore something, you can only explore life. Yes? Well you may look at it from a certain perspective. Somebody may look at it in an artistic way, in an aesthetic way, in a musical way, in a spiritual way, but essentially we are exploring life. Even if you are looking at inanimate things you are only exploring life because nothing happens outside of you. Everything that happens happens only within you, isn't it? So the only thing that you're experiencing is life. You may think this is colour, you may think this is sound, you may think this is something else, no. In your experience you're only experiencing the way different things imprint upon your life. That's the only way you can experience it, there is no other means of experience for you. So essentially you're only exploring life because nothing else you have access to. Yes? Right now, I may think I'm looking at this person, but no, I am only looking at the image that happens in my mind, isn't it so? Right now, if you touch somebody next to you, you think you're experiencing that person's hand, no. You only experience the sensations in your hand, isn't it so? So your entire experience of life is absolutely within you. That means, you are capable of experiencing only this one life. So is it a trap that you can only experience this? No. Essentially, that something larger than myself must happen to me. If you want to create something brilliant, something unique, something truly of some significance, you need an experience. It's important that there is an experience of exuberance, joy, profoundness. But, right now, in the world a whole lot of people think only in misery you can be profound.


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