Transcript: Swami ji how to come off the addiction? I'm sorry? Addiction like smoking, like drinking, something like that. No, because we know that's bad thing but we are addicted to that. I don't know, because I do go for tennis, I go for. I'm sorry? I go for sports also but sometimes we smoke regularly in three hours once, or two hours once, or something like that. But I know it's a bad thing, I have to come out of that. I didn't say it's a bad thing. I don't think it's good or bad. It's just quite stupid to be smoking. It's not good or bad, it's just stupid because this machine was not made to smoke. This is a eco-friendly machine. But now you're making it a smoking machine. That means it's stupid, isn't it? A well, very efficient machine, you make it inefficient machine, is it not stupid? Is it good or bad? There's no such thing. Ya, we know it's bad, but. See, that's the whole thing. The moment you call it bad, you can't leave it. See, he well knows what's bad. Why are you giving it titles that it is not? It's just stupid, that's all. If you see something as stupid, you can't be doing it everyday. Somewhere, you feel smarter than other people. Yes? No, because it tastes. See, now slowly in the world, people have gotten against you. Just ten years ago, if you blow it into somebody's face. You felt great, they felt stupid. Now the equation has reversed in last ten years time. Isn't it? Isn't it so? So somewhere you thought it's a smart thing to do. When you were just ten year old kid, you wanted to suck in and blow it out into somebody's face. It felt like a smart thing to do. You tell me, smoking. A machine that doesn't smoke, to make it smoke. Right now we're working so hard to make our cars smoke less, isn't it? Enormous amount of research into fuels and engines and everything is going on to make our cars smoke less, isn't it? A non-smoking machine, if you make it smoke, is it stupid or intelligent? Stupid. Say it loudly. Stupid. That's all, if you say that slowly it'll drop off. Now there is a certain chemical factor to this. Your chemistry has become dependent on nicotine or caffeine or whatever. That we will change, you just see. You do Shambhavi Mahamudra, suddenly your whole system is so fired up. The need to smoke, the need to drink coffee, tea, everything just evaporates. Now if you do it, it's only for the pleasure of it. One day you feel like drinking coffee, you drink it. One day you feel like smoking, you smoke. That's upto you. But the compulsion will be taken away. Physiological dependence will be taken away. We'll do that with the practice. But first you see that it's stupid to do it.


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