How to set goals in life?

How to set goals in life?


Transcript: Your dreams, goals, and desire, aspirations. It's good that you spend little more time on it and see, will this really mean something to you even after 25 years, 50 years. If you're in your deathbed, will it still mean something to you? You must look at it. Whatever you're aspiring for, whatever you're dreaming of, whatever goals you have set, will it really mean something? Because most of these goals are traps. They're just traps. You get in, it's only one way street, you can't turn back. I want you to look at this. Because, many of them are older than you, you ask them, what they dreamed of at 18. They are fortunate it didn't come true. Yes or no? If everything that you desired and dreamed came true in your life, could you live with it? Fortunately, many of those things got filtered and never came true, isn't it? So, it will be very good if, anybody of your age, if they want to decide and fix the goals of their life, it'll be very good if they take a break from all influence that's around them. Social influences, family influences, other influences. Withdraw somewhere, that's why an ashram. Withdraw somewhere, sit down, meditate, bring yourself to a certain level of clarity and joy. When you're very happy and clear, you must decide. Not in desperation you said goals. Desperate goals that you said will mean a lot to you at that moment, tomorrow morning you look, you don't know why you're tangled up with it. So, it'll be good if you're fixing your life, it's best that you do it when you're very, very peaceful, happy, and clear-headed. Isn't it? Not influenced by anything around you. Simply by yourself, sit and decide what is it that you really want to become in your life. What is it that will be of enduring value for you, not for somebody else, for you. And, you don't have to build a personality for that, you strive for that. The necessary persona will come.


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