If both parents are working, will the child be lonely?

If both parents are working, will the child be lonely?


Transcript: When I was growing as a child, both my parents were working. And there were times when I was feeling lonely and very miserable. Although, my parents did give their part of comfort to me, there were times I was feeling lonely on the inside. And, what can our future parents, or what can we do to our kids, to not feel the same way? Thank you. Well, in India, this is the first generation where women have stepped out to work. Professionally. Otherwise, because we were largely an agricultural community, women worked, but in and around the house. And if they went somewhere to the field, they took the children and went. So, always, like you see ducks and chickens, if the hen goes, behind that the chicks run. Like that children were always running behind women. So she was always doing her work, and still managing and tending to them. And they was a certain cohesiveness to that. But today women are going to the office, or to the factory, or to some other business. So they can't take their children there. This is the first generation of women who've stepped out. So in the society, we still don't have arrangements. Proper arrangements, where children can be properly tended to. That system, that facility, and that arrangement, is simply not happened in the society yet. I hope it happens quickly because it's very important. It doesn't mater whether it's a biological parent, or somebody else, but children need a loving, caring atmosphere. It's very important. Just putting nourishment into their stomach is not the only thing. They need some tending, attending to. Somebody should smile at them, somebody should laugh at them, somebody should do something with them, play with them. This is very needed. Otherwise, children will grow up little sick in their head. It is not necessary only a biological mother should do it, but there must be a committed person doing this. It's very, very important for the child. Unfortunately in this society, we still don't have those arrangements.


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