Is common sense more important than intelligence?

Is common sense more important than intelligence?


Transcript: There's common sense, there is sense and there's something beyond sense. With common sense your survival process gets handled. You don't have to be brilliant, you just have common sense. You will survive pretty good. You could turn out quite street smart actually. If somebody very intelligent is walking down the street, let's say Albert Einstein is walking down the street, a street urchin can easily con him. Albert Einstein doesn't have the wily nature of the one who is walking the streets every day. Very easily you can deceive him. You may have enormous intelligence about something else. So, because the street kid has more common sense, common sense is restricted to a certain habitat. In that habitat, it works. In another place, your common sense doesn't work. So this kind of sense goes well in certain things, but if you want to transcend, you need a different kind of sense. This kind of sense is good on the survival mode, when you're in a survival mode on the street this kind of sense works pretty good. If we try to go all over with this kind of sense, we'll become one big mess. So going beyond one's senses and knowing why is it needed. Human intelligence and awareness has come to a place where it cannot limit itself to the ambit of survival it has to look.


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