Is it a problem or a possibility – A simple way to know the difference

Is it a problem or a possibility – A simple way to know the difference


Transcript: Not every situation which seems like a solution is actually a solution. And not every situation which seems like a problem is a problem. So what is a problem? What is a possibility? It's like this, there was a little bird in Michigan, United States. And winter was just sitting in. This is the time he has to move South to warmer climes. But he was a little too happy and tweeting around, you know. He had found a lot of company and the human species, that, so many of them were tweeting so he was also busy tweeting. And he kind of delayed his flight South. So after weather started freezing, he tried to fly and his wings froze and he fell. Then a cow was walking by and it, you know cows. Droppings happened; it landed straight on the bird. Feeling the warmth of the dung, slowly the bird recovered and became very happy. And tweeted again, from within the dung. A hungry cat was passing by, heard the tweet opened up the dung and ate up the bird. So not everybody who heaps shit on you are your enemies. And not everybody who gets you out of shit are your friends. It is just that if you are equipped, if you have equipped yourself in such a way no matter what happens, you know how to make it into a wonderful possibility for yourself. Because what life throws at us is not our choice always. We try to manage it to some extent, but it's not entirely our choice. Life may throw all kinds of things at us, but what we make out of it is 100% ours. If this one dimension, if we take charge of this, no matter what life throws at me, I will make this into a tremendous process for myself. Let it throw whatever, it doesn't matter what life throws at you, you will turn it into a possibility. You will not make anything into your problem because you are not a problem. This is a choice that every human being has, either for every situation. When I say every situation, there are only situations and situations and situations in our lives. When you don't know how to handle a particular situation, you call that a problem. What is the problem for you, may be wonderful possibility for somebody else. Usually is, isn't it? There are no problems in life, they're just situations. You can either make it into a possibility or a problem. You can either you, yourself become a possibility or a problem. This is a choice every human being has.


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