Is it ‘bad’ to have a superiority complex?

Is it ‘bad’ to have a superiority complex?


Transcript: So Sadhguru, you are so reverent and you are so cherished. Do you ever get a superiority complex? Right now, yes. See, the question is not about superiority complex, inferiority complex, poverty complex, or wealthy complex. That you have a complex is a serious problem, isn't it? Whatever kind it is. What a complex means is you have assumed something about yourself. And you have concretized that assumption. In such a way, you make a bloody fool of yourself wherever you go. Do I look like that? Hello? Do I look like I'm making a bloody fool of myself with you? No. So, no complex of any kind. But then our confidence fluctuates everyday. So what do you have to say about that? Because I don't have any confidence about anything. I just have clarity. People think I have knowledge, no my head is empty. That's why to make it look little substantial, I have a turban. It's totally empty always. But I have clarity. Clarity means what? You see things the way they are. Knowledge means what? You have fixed information about everything. If things have changed, you will not see it the way it is. That's as good as being blind. See people think owls are blind. It's not true. Their vision is far more sensitive than yours. But because of sunlight they're blinded because it's too much. When light goes down, he sees very clearly. Not because he's blind, because his eyes are super sensitive. So it's important that you bring clarity to your life. Not knowledge, because knowledge is conclusions that you gather. Knowledge is okay when you're trying to do something physical, material, in the world. But not with life. Is it true, what you thought is absolute at the age of 12, today is not true? Yes or no? Are you sure that whatever you think, this is it right now, will be this is it in another three years' time? Of course not. You know that. So you know you're wrong. Yes or no? Yes. So you know, anyway you're wrong. So why assert the wrong things? Well, right now we are wrong, at least that's managed with little more conscience. If you know you're wrong, you will walk carefully, isn't it?


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