Is technology a boon or a curse for the youth?

Is technology a boon or a curse for the youth?


Transcript: Technology is a great facilitator. It can never be against us, if it is in the right hands. So what we need to train is the hands that use it. Not to tame the technology, let the technology go unbridled. It's we human beings who have to know how much of what to do. For this we need a conscious approach to life. Not just with the use of technology but with every aspect of life. How we breathe, how we walk, how we sit, how we stand. If this becomes a conscious process, then technology is a great boon. Everybody can use it to enhance their work. Whatever they are doing. I'm sure you're enjoying the benefits of technology in filmmaking. And as I said earlier, I am enjoying the benefits of technology even as a spiritual teacher. Are our youth getting distracted by the gadgets? Those who are distracted, they will always be distracted by something or the other. Maybe they were busy getting distracted with what is local. Now their distraction is global. But the problem is of compulsiveness. We have to bring this into our youth, into our children and the adults also. That we don't conduct this life compulsively, but we bring a certain dimension of a conscious way of functioning. How we eat, how we sit, how we stand, how we function. Everything. If it becomes conscious, our use of gadgets also will become a conscious process. So let us make our youth into a conscious living force. Not complaining about the wonderful miracles that technology is offering to us.


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