Just drinking water the right way will cure minor ailments

Just drinking water the right way will cure minor ailments


Transcript: The way the water has to be kept in one's home, there is a whole science about it. How to keep it, in what kind of material, how to treat it. Nobody drinks water, traditionally in the East, without first bowing down to it. Because how the water behaves, depends on how you treat it. The volume of memory and intelligence that the water carries, and every molecule of water, and every body of water, is very individual. And how it behaves within you is very different. Everything may be just H2O, but it does not behave the same way. So how to treat the water? There are many scientific processes, we call this as a Bhuta Shuddhi practice. It's an enormous science for people to learn and grasp. But to put it very simply, overnight or for about 6 hours, you keep it in a copper vessel and then drink it. You will see the water will feel very different and various small ailments that people have can be just healed simply by keeping the water in an appropriate space. An appropriate space also means proper aeration is there and how you treat it, above all. Your emotions, your thoughts about the water. Being conscious about it, that this is a major ingredient of who I am right now. This is not a commodity, this is life making material. If you treat it with the necessary reverence, for lack of vocabulary I'm saying reverence, or love towards water, or a feeling of joy towards water, you will see water will behave very differently within you. Just by changing the water that they drink and how they drink. I've seen many people walking out of chronic ailments just by doing that.


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